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The differences between an independent delegate and a delegate represented by ALEBA


By law, independent delegates do not have the same rights as union delegates. This is unfair and discriminatory, and ALEBA is fighting to change these laws. But at present, the situation is clear and we would like to inform all neutral delegates of all the points where they are excluded by law.


  Independent delegate Union delegate
Participate in the negotiation of collective labor agreements (Art. L.162-1) No Yes
Communicating union information within the company (Art. L.414-16) No


File a complaint with the ITM for unjustified postponement of parental leave (Art. L.234-46) No Yes
Participate in negotiations for an employment maintenance plan (Art. L.513-4) No



ALEBA wants to be the voice of ALL these independent, so-called neutral delegates, and is calling on them to join its ranks at the next social elections in March 2024. Here are the services to which ALEBA delegates are entitled, compared with those of independent delegates.


  Independant delegate ALEBA delegate
Politically neutral Oui Oui
Personal liability for poor advice given to an employee Yes, the employee can turn against the delegate. No, if the delegate has checked with ALEBA before advising an employee. If bad advice has been given by ALEBA, ALEBA will be held responsible.
Easy, free access to legal experts and lawyers No Yes
Easy access to information and advice Yes, via ITM, CSL and/or guichet.lu Yes, via the ALEBA Coordination team. Three coordinators are available for delegations.
Access to union training Yes, via the Ecole supérieure du Travail, bearing in mind that they are often fully booked. Yes, ALEBA has its own year-round union training program.
Access to a network of delegates No Yes

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