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In principle, representatives are elected for a term of five years and their mandate is renewable.
However, their term of office ends:

  • if they are not re-elected as a full or alternate member, as soon as setting up the delegation has taken place;
  • when the person concerned ceases to be a member of the company’s staff;
  • if they resign;
  • when the trade union organisation which presented the candidate has informed the head of the company and delegation that the person concerned has ceased to belong to it;
  • in the event of death;
  • in the event of refusal, non-extension or withdrawal of the authorisation conferring the right to work.

Alternate members are called upon to replace full members:

  • if full members are unable to attend meetings;
  • when the mandate of a full member has ended for one of the reasons listed above under points 2 to 6. In this case, the alternate member shall complete the term of office of the full member.

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Let's start with ALEBA news, which you can post on the delegation boards or on the intranet. This information serves to promote our union and its services to (future) members.

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