Saturday, 24 February 2024
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Tips for running a successful election campaign


Step 1: ALEBA delegates enter the campaign trail

Objective: to make you visible to your colleagues


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Welcome to the MyAleba space reserved for employee representatives!

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Let's start with ALEBA news, which you can post on the delegation boards or on the intranet. This information serves to promote our union and its services to (future) members.

They are available in 3 languages.

- ALEBA becomes ALEBA: a union for all

- Free membership for young people under 30

- A human-sized union": presentation of ALEBA

ALEBA health insurance

- How to join No waiting period" and "Sponsorship" forms, or directly via the website

- Taxation, tax returns, etc.": an efficient service offered by our partners to resident and cross-border members


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