Wednesday, 22 May 2024
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1.“You need to know employment law inside out.”

Delegates are not alone! Our coordinators are available every day to guide them and answer their questions by email or telephone. They are in close contact with our legal experts and partner lawyers.
The ALEBA team is always there to support them, advise them and answer their questions. In addition, delegates can choose from a number of training hours, so they can learn about all subjects related to employees' rights.


2."It's frowned upon by management.”

ALEBA has been promoting social dialogue for over a century now.

We firmly believe that significant improvements can only be achieved through a collaborative approach. We do not seek blind opposition with management, but rather to establish an open and respectful dialogue.

By working together, we can identify the challenges facing the company and find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

I addition, staff delegates are protected by law; any form of reprisal is prohibited.

3. "It's too political."

Just like the trade union itself, ALEBA delegates also do not represent a political party, they are independent!

Staff delegates are simply there to represent the interests of the workers. They make sure that workers are treated equally and fair and that they receive the best possible working conditions.


4. "It's better to be a neutral delegate”

A non-unionized delegate has less power in the company than a delegate elected on the ALEBA list because he or she does not have the support of a larger organization and professional expertise of more than a hundred years. A trade union provides the resources and legal support a delegate needs!

5. "It takes too much time”

The role of delegate is adapted to your availability. You can be more involved during critical periods or important negotiations, and less involved during quieter periods.


Furthermore, staff delegates are entitled to a credit of working hours to carry out their duties.