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ALEBA invests in youth

For some time, ALEBA has been aware of a lack of understanding with regard to young employees. We have observed that today's young employees question the role of a trade union and the value of joining one. Often, they only join a union only when work-related problems have occurred and they are struggling to cope.

We want to change their preconceived ideas about trade unionism — this is the mission that ALEBA has set for itself by creating ALEBA YOUTH.

A trade union must be seen as a genuine social partner going beyond representing employees in the event of problems; a union that supports and advises employees from the beginning to the end of their careers. This further strengthens its collective bargaining power with regard to the employer, because no one is safe from redundancy or a social plan these days.

ALEBA YOUTH's short-term goal is to provide young adults with the right tools to get a good start in life. In the long term, once these young people enter the workforce, we encourage them to join ALEBA to continue to benefit from its services and offers.


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Two YOUTH offers and many advantages

Our union has decided to focus on two youth targets, students and young professionals, and offers them offers adapted to their needs. YOUTH – Student and YOUTH – Junior are free offers and can be discovered now.

YOUTH - Junior 

The "YOUTH - Junior" offer is aimed at young employees. It informs them about their rights and obligations as employees in order to give them every opportunity to get a good start in life.

Services offered by the "YOUTH - Junior" membership:

  • The Welcome Session is a two-hour interview (max.) where the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is explained and essential information on the Luxembourg Labour Code is provided. It is also an opportunity to introduce the young employee to the company's Union Reps.
  • Free of charge until the age of 30: during this period, young employees are considered as ALEBA members and enjoy all the union's services and benefits.


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"Free membership for members under 30 years of age and free access to the following ALEBA services upon joining:

  • Legal service and answers to the usual questions of social, labor and tax law
  • Assistance in case of dismissal or problems with the employer
  • Discounts granted to ALEBA members by our partners
  • ALEBA trainings
  • Invitation to ALEBA events
  • Assistance with tax returns
  • Free information on union actions and activities

In the event of the need for an attorney or additional service, Executive Committee approval will be required under ad hoc conditions."


YOUTH - Student :

The "YOUTH - Student" offer is aimed at students. Its aim is to give them the right tools to find a job, an internship or a student job, as well as to answer questions about employment contracts. The "YOUTH - Student" offer is ideal for helping students start their working life.

Benefits offered by the "YOUTH - Student" membership:

  • A one-day bootcamp where they learn how to write a CV and cover letter plus get tips for job interviews. Each student is entitled to attend one bootcamp a year.
  • Information on CEDIES financial aid and scholarships
  • Information on internship and student contracts
  • Free of charge during studies
  • Condition: presentation of a student card

Join the community ! 

ALEBA YOUTH is the right partner for you. Don't delay and join the ALEBA youth community today!

Fill out the form and send it back to us by post or email us at: youth@ALEBA.lu.


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