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Always a Union Rep on hand to help


Whether in your company, neighborhood or local community, there is always a union rep close-by! With nearly 700 union reps in nearly 150 companies in the financial sector, ALEBA is still the leading trade union in the financial sector in 2022, so you can rest assured that there's always a union rep close-by to lend a helping hand.

ALEBA, the majority union for the financial sector, is rightly proud of its massive presence in the field and is keen to introduce you to its union reps!

You can search for union reps in your company or near your location/address! Our union reps are available to answer your questions and help.

What are the duties of an ALEBA union rep?

  • To represent you in dealings with your employer;
  • To effectively protect your rights and defend your professional interests;
  • To listen to you and help;
  • To make your workplace healthier and more democratic;
  • To play a constructive role through social dialogue;
  • To keep you informed and updated on what's going on within the company and in your industry;
  • To acquire knowledge and skills, and put them to work for you;
  • To bring your ideas to the collective bargaining negotiations.

In short, to act constructively, efficiently and effectively on your behalf!

Why not become an ALEBA union rep?

  • Are you naturally empathetic and altruistic? Does helping others come naturally to you?
  • Do you want to contribute more actively to the well-being of your colleagues? Are you interested in the development of your company?
  • Do you enjoy negotiating and representing your colleagues to management?
  • Do you want to influence collective bargaining agreements (CBA) or even represent employees in the financial sector at social institutions and the Chamber of Employees?
  • Then why not run as an ALEBA union rep in the next social elections?

Any employee can run for the different staff elections as long as he/she can prove one year of seniority on a fixed-term/permanent contract within the company that employs him/her.
The most important thing is to be sincere as your colleagues are counting on you.

If you are interested in becoming a union rep, please contact our Coordination Department  coordination@ALEBA.lu  or phone 223 228-1


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