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Employees of SIX PAYMENTS are protected by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). This CBA is concluded between trade unions — and in particular ALEBA as the leading trade union in the financial sector — and SIX PAYMENTS; a CBA is generally valid for three years. SIX PAYMENTS' CBA guarantees high-quality working conditions, often going beyond what is provided for by the Labour Code.

A paper copy of the current CBA (German, French and English) can be provided to you.

As a reminder, CETREL was founded in 1985 by a group of financial institutions. At the time of its creation, the aim was to set up an electronic payment system in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It was turned into a limited company in 2009 and is now wholly owned by the SIX Group AG (Switzerland). It specialises in the acquisition and issuance of credit cards. It offers its services to the leading private and retail banks in the Luxembourg financial sector. Its headquarters are located in Munsbach, Luxembourg. Around 200 people work there.


Renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for SIX Payment Services - ALEBA | Bank Trade Union in Luxembourg