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ALEBA, national union representation!

ALEBA is represented in the following organisations in several sectors throughout Luxembourg. Here's a list of all our members and the ALEBA roles they hold within these various organisations.

Chamber of Employees

Created in 2009 following the merger of the Chamber of Private-sector Employees and the Chamber of Labour, the Chamber of Employees (CSL) represents all employees in the country. 


Our Chambre des Salariés (Chamber of Employees) representatives:
MERTZ Laurent Committee Member
European & Interregional Affairs Commission,
Political, Economic & Budgetary Affairs Commission,
Vocational Training & Continuing Professional Development Commission
BIRMANN Martine European & Interregional Affairs Committee,
Political, Economic & Budgetary Affairs Committee, and
the Equality Committee
KREMER Josiane Social Affairs, Occupational Health & Safety and Environment Commission, and
the Equality Commission
TERZER Marc Commission on Social Affairs, Occupational Health & Safety and the Environment,
and the Commission on Vocational Training & Continuing Professional development


Social Insurance Arbitration Board

The Conseil Arbitral des Assurances Sociales (CAAS) is a court of first instance dealing with social security matters.

Our Conseil Arbitral des Assurances Sociales (Social Insurance Arbitration Board) representatives:
SCHNEIDER Jim Assessor


Complementary Mutual Health Fund

The purpose of the CMCM is to provide its members and their families with financial assistance in addition to the benefits provided by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (National Health Fund)


Our Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (Complementary Mutual Health Fund) representatives:
FISCHER Fernand Vice President


Luxembourg National Mutualist Federation

The main purposes of the Federation (while respecting its statutes and the autonomy of the affiliated Companies) include, the dissemination of mutualist information and documentation, the development of mutualist welfare, solidarity and mutual aid activities, the coordination, guidance and advice of the efforts and activities of the affiliated Societies in the general interest, and the creation and management of institutions, works, services and supplementary funds for relief, welfare and mutual aid


Our Fédération Nationale Mutualiste Luxembourgeoise (Luxembourg National Mutualist Federation) representatives:
BACK Pierre Member of the Board of Directors
BACK Alain Cash auditor


Periodical Press Association

The purpose of the Association de la Presse Périodique Luxembourgeoise (APPL) is to present, defend and promote the interests of its members.


Our Association de Presse Périodique (Periodical Press Association) representatives:
CARVALHO Sandra Member
BACK Alain Member


Luxembourg Consumers Union

The ULC is a non-profit association whose purpose is to protect, defend, inform and educate consumers in Luxembourg (www.ulc.lu )


Our Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs (Luxembourg Consumers Union) representatives:
BACK Alain Member of the Board of Directors


We are the number one union in the financial sector, but not only!


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