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Why become a staff delegate?


Discover a new approach to the role of staff delegate with ALEBA!


Becoming an ALEBA delegate means benefiting from tailor-made support with privileged contacts who know you and can respond to your needs.


Far from the stereotype of the eternally confrontational and aggressive trade union, ALEBA has been promoting social dialogue for more than a century now, with the successes that have transformed Luxembourg's financial centre, and with respect and unfailing determination!


By becoming an ALEBA delegate, you represent your ideas in the only large, politically neutral and totally independent trade union in Luxembourg, which offers a solid partnership and a voice that counts to those who wish to retain their independence of mind.


By joining ALEBA, you have nothing to loose: a solid partnership, a voice that counts, and private access to our tools in your delegate space "MyALEBA".


Together, ALEBA will bring your voice to the highest decision-making structures in the country.


Turn your experience into a rewarding opportunity for you and your colleagues!