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Executive Committee

ALEBA's Executive Committee has 11 members, who were elected for five years at the Assembly of Delegates on 18 June 2019.

Unlike other trade unions, the members of the Executive Committee are not union employees but work in companies in the financial sector, where they are also Union Representatives (often totally or partially released from their duties). This enables the members of the Executive Committee to keep abreast of the realities on the ground as experienced by employees in the financial sector.

The missions of the Executive Committee include managing current affairs, representing ALEBA, running the union office, and implementing the decisions of the Board of Directors.The Executive Committee meets every Wednesday morning at ALEBA (Avenue Monterey).

Roberto Mendolia Roberto Mendolia Président Clearstream
Alain Back Alain Back Membre ING
Colette Weber Colette Weber Vice-Présidente Foyer Assurances
Delphine Nicolay Delphine Nicolay Secrétaire générale Bank of New York Mellon
Frédéric Roveda Frédéric Roveda Vice-Président Société Générale Luxembourg
Gilles Steichen Gilles Steichen Vice-Président Strate Street
Jean-Jacques Rieff Jean-Jacques Rieff Vice-Président Northern Trust Global Services SE
Laurent Tresch Laurent Tresch Membre ING
Marc Terzer Marc Terzer Membre BIL
Filipe Branco Filipe Branco Membre Clearstream Banking
Roland Christnach Roland Christnach Trésorier général Lalux Assurances
Jean-Philippe Mansard Jean-Philippe Mansard Banque de Luxembourg

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