Monday, 25 September 2023
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PROGRAM ALEB@ 2019-2023

EMPLOYMENT, our commitments:

  • To uncompromisingly protect jobs in Luxembourg’s financial sector by fighting against outsourcing
  • To reject Company Agreements that seek to bypass legislation on social plans and collective redundancies and multi-party agreements
  • To ensure that every employee has full access to training, either in the form of continuing education or retraining, in order to allow them to enhance their skills, adapt to profound and rapid changes in the workplace and rise to the challenge of digitalisation
  • To protect employees facing illness as a matter of priority


  • To uncompromisingly ensure compliance with legal rules, from Labour Law to Case Law
  • To negotiate, on behalf of employees in the banking and insurance sectors, high-quality Collective Labour Agreements (CCT) that truly take into consideration their lives, needs and interests and to help employees understand them
  • To negotiate, on behalf of the investment fund sector, the first Collective Labour Agreement inspired by the Collective Labour Agreement for Bank Employees
  • To negotiate, on behalf of employees not currently covered by a collective agreement (or “Wrongly classified senior executive”, “faux-cadres”), the implementation of the first Collective Labour Agreement
  • To expand the financial sector to investment funds, advisory services and financial sector professionals (PSFs)

WELL-BEING, our commitments:

  • To uncompromisingly fight against workplace bullying
  • To ensure burnout is recognised in the financial sector as a professional illness
  • To discuss the prospect of employers fully bearing the cost of public transport
  • To ensure that time for sporting activity is counted as working time during work hours

WORK-LIFE BALANCE, our commitments:

  • To establish part-time work as a right
  • To ensure compliance with legislation on working hours and establish a right to switch off
  • To support initiatives that aim to promote new forms of employment (teleworking, remote working, flexible working hours) and age management in the workplace
  • To strengthen the right to parental leave and unpaid leave
  • To make commonplace the granting of leave for parents of children or caregivers of family members who are seriously ill

EQUALITY AND DIVERSITY, our commitments:

  • To promote greater diversity and gender equality on staff committees
  • To ensure that each employee community has proper representation (Luxembourg residents, Belgian, French and German cross-border workers, etc.)