Wednesday, 22 May 2024
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EMPLOYMENT, our commitments:

  • Uncompromisingly defending employment in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Preserve jobs by reducing working hours, given the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence in our society
  • Ensure that all employees have full access to training, whether ongoing or forretraining, to enable them to enhance their skills, adapt to changing professional environments and meet the challenges of digitalization
  • Combat outsourcing and set up mechanisms to penalize or financially compensate companies that use it
  • Lower the redundancy thresholds that trigger redundancy plans
  • Improve support for early retirement

PURCHASING POWER, our commitments:

  • Against freezing/deferring the index and aligning the tax scale with the index to reduce tax burden on wage earners
  • Support the introduction of a new, fairer and more modern form of income taxation

LAW, our commitments:

  • Uncompromising compliance with the law, from Labor Law to Jurisprudence
  • Protecting employees facing illness as a priority, and especially the rights of employees with long-term illnesses
  • Protect employees who take extraordinary leave, such as maternity leave, parental leave, social leave, etc.
  • Abolish or modernize outdated or discriminatory laws or discriminatory laws


  • Reach 80% of employees covered by collective labor agreements all sectors combined
  • Negotiate, improve, or create high-quality Collective Labour Agreements (CLA) that truly take into account the reality of employees, their needs and their interests
  • Reject company agreements designed to circumvent legislation on redundancy plans, collective redundancies or multiparty contracts

WORK-LIFE BALANCE, our commitments:

  • Establish part-time work as a right
  • Enforce legislation on working hours and the right to digital disconnection
  • Support all initiatives aimed at new employability (wherever possible: telecommuting, teleworking, flexible working hours, Time Savings Accounts, etc.)and age management in the workplace
  • Further strengthen the right to parental and unpaid leave
  • Institutionalize leave for seriously ill children or for family caregivers

PARITY AND DIVERSITY, our commitments:

  • Promote greater diversity and parity between men and women, particularly in employee representative bodies
  • Ensure that each employee community is properly represented (residents, German, Belgian and French border workers, etc.
  • Taking concrete action in favor of inclusion, particularly for employees affected by disabilities

THE FINANCIAL SECTOR, our commitments:

  • Expand the financial sector to include investment funds, consulting and PSFs
  • Negotiate collective labor agreements for the investment fund and brokerage sectors
  • Negotiate and legislate on the issue of out-of-agreement workers
  • Remove any ambiguities in the compensation of hours worked on statutory holidays
Download the PDF version of our program here: 

ALEBA program.pdf