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Roberto Mendolia – A Union President as Colleague and Best Ally –

Champion of Employee Rights and Advocacy

Roberto Mendolia is a distinguished leader renowned for his results-oriented approach. Elected as a staff delegate in 2003 with ALEBA at Clearstream International, he has become a trusted figure in addressing workplace issues such as mobbing, sexual harassment, and burnout.

Since 2003, his tenure in the Staff Delegation has been marked by his commitment to ensuring employees are well-informed about their rights under the law and Collective Labor Agreements. His expertise is evident, as the vast majority of those made redundant in the last decade have sought his assistance during challenging times.


Strategic Negotiator and Policy Innovator

Roberto's altruistic nature is reflected in his fearless negotiations with management, leading to the reduction of the impact of social plans and redundancy programs and ensuring favorable outcomes for impacted employees. His oversight has ensured that management adheres to legal interpretations beneficial to staff members, leading to significant benefits for employees.


Tangible Achievements for Better Working Conditions

Roberto's role in introducing policies such as the "Time Saving Account", “Time Management Policy”, the expansion of flexible work hours, the “Work From Home Policy”, the “Social Holiday Policy”, indexation and substantial increase of the “On-call” fees, tax optimization for mortgage loan subsidies, etc., has directly benefited employees’ revenues and their daily work life.


Leading ALEBA: A Journey to the Top

Roberto's success at Clearstream led to his appointment to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of ALEBA National in 2014. His progression through ALEBA's ranks culminated in his appointment as Vice-President in 2017 and later as President of ALEBA National in June 2019. As President, he represents all employees in the financial sector, using his experience to mitigate the impact of social plans on a national level.

Leading the First Union of the Financial Sector pushed him directly into the role of Lead Negotiator for the renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Banks and Insurance Companies.

30,000 employees of the Financial Sector still benefit from his latest negotiation successes, such as the indexed monthly premium for “Work From Home”, salary increases, increased loyalty bonuses, clarification and increases in holidays, overtime payments, etc.

I've been proactive in pushing for more democratic employee representation in Luxembourg. This led to a significant outcome when I filed a complaint with the International Labour Office (ILO - UN) in Geneva about potential violations of the International Trade Union Charter. In November 2022, the ILO's support for my stance prompted the Luxembourg government to consider changing its laws.

But representing you goes beyond the right to do so; it requires strong, actionable ideas.

For example, my commitment to political neutrality at ALEBA played a critical role in 2022. When the government introduced a controversial mandatory Covidcheck in companies, our in-depth legal study, widely supported on social media (seen more than 21.000 time), helped persuade the government to retract the law in less than three weeks. ALEBA was at the forefront in challenging the fairness of this law.

Background and Skills: The Foundation of Success

Initially studying electrical engineering, Roberto pivoted to IT, starting as a system engineer at Cedel in 1999 before moving into project management roles. His diverse background and skills have been integral to his achievements in labor negotiations and employee advocacy.

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