Sunday, 14 July 2024
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Insurance CLA: the ALEBA Assembly of Delegates ratifies the agreement in principle

An agreement in principle was reached on 24 May on the new Collective Labour Agreement for Insurance Employees, an agreement unanimously supported by the ALEBA Executive Committee on 29 May.

As stipulated in the ALEBA statutes, the Assembly of Delegates, whose task it is to ratify collective agreements, was asked last week to vote for or against the agreement in principle.

At the end of the day on Monday 3 June, the Executive Committee received the agreement of the Assembly of Delegates to sign the new Insurance CLA on Tuesday 4 June. A press release will be published later with details of the improvements achieved during the negotiations.

The Executive Committee would like to thank the Delegates for their active participation and their confidence in ALEBA, which has enabled it to remain a transparent and democratic trade union organisation that is genuinely close to the concerns of employees in the financial sector.

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