Monday, 25 September 2023
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International Youth Day

International Youth Day: Supporting and Encouraging Youth - ALEBA YOUTH!

Dear young generations,


On this International Youth Day, ALEBA wishes to express its unwavering support and commitment to you, the standard-bearers of the future. This special day reminds us all of the crucial importance of your role in building tomorrow's world.

ALEBA is proud to play an active role in your development and success, by being the first union to offer free membership to under-30s.


We are determined to offer our full support to youth, providing resources, legal support and a platform to make your voices heard.


As part of our commitment to youth, we are proud to announce that our union is offering free membership to all members under the age of 30. We firmly believe that access to professional resources and strong networks is essential for young people to thrive in a constantly changing world. By removing financial barriers, we want to give you the opportunity to take full advantage of the benefits our union has to offer, whether in terms of legal support, mentoring or representation.


Your energy, creativity and commitment are invaluable assets for our company. Together, let's create a promising and inclusive future.


Join ALEBA YOUTH and make your voice heard.


ALEBA YOUTH, your voice, your strength, your future!


With all our support,



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