Thursday, 13 June 2024
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Labour Day 2024: The common interest of employees must come first!

Although ALEBA has not traditionally celebrated Labour Day, partly in order to remain politically independent, we want to change that because since 2023, ALEBA has welcomed all workers in the Grand Duchy, and we want to reflect that.


On 1 May 2024, International Workers' Day, our transition to a new multi-sectoral ALEBA is now well underway, and in these uncertain times for all the country's employees, it is very important that new ideas emerge to meet modern challenges. The country's employees can now count on ALEBA as an additional ally on their side.


For example, we have recently won a number of cases, such as the one concerning all employees on the subject of meal vouchers for teleworking, the successes on the classification of false managers, or our position on the taxation of overtime for German cross-border workers, etc.... Where others would be content with the first explanation offered, ALEBA rightly questions, demands, proposes, and generally obtains results for the good of all, with no other interest than the common interest of employees.


The advent of generative artificial intelligence probably represents one of the greatest challenges to employment that we will face with the utmost benevolence and human intelligence to supervise and regulate its infinite applications properly.


With the human being at the centre of all our concerns, we intend to adapt the collective agreements of the financial sector with this in mind and then transpose and adapt the best ideas in all the sectors where we already have constituents.


ALEBA remains fiercely opposed to injustice and all forms of discrimination, in particular, the violation of trade union freedoms for which the International Labour Organisation in Geneva has followed our lead: how can we explain the fact that in the Grand Duchy, it is not enough to be the first elected representative of your constituents, that you either have to be of the right political hue for whom these laws have been carved out or that you have to justify receiving more than 50% of the votes in an election in order to have the right to sit at a negotiating table? Shouldn't the fact of having been elected be enough to represent one's constituents? The ILO has therefore asked the Luxembourg government to ensure that it no longer violates the International Charter of Trade Union Freedoms, to which the country is a signatory.

This is a fundamental democratic right! A European capital must be a model of democracy, and the laws must be changed.


This is the perspective with which we approach the next few years: determined to confront the injustices and dangers for all the workers we represent and defend and convinced that the best results for the country would come from modern, politically independent decisions to protect workers from the major threats to employment.


And that's what we want workers in all sectors to hear loud and clear: joining ALEBA means becoming part of the largest politically neutral trade union force in the country, with experts ready to defend your interests humanely and effectively, where others could easily give up for a supreme political interest.


Happy 1st May to you all!

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