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MARCO GILARDI GROUP 5 - Let's revolutionize how we work together: vote for dynamic change!


What motivates your commitment ?


I bring a kick-ass blend of advocacy and understanding, unafraid to be direct and transparent. I'm your go-to for action, aiming to transform our workplace into a vibrant hub of success. I'll introduce awesome events to amplify our interactions and ensure every voice is celebrated. I thrive on success in life, and my passion lies in a constructive approach. Let's revolutionize how we work together – vote for dynamic change! Let's do it!


What do you want to achieve?

I'm running for CSL because, our efforts are effective in ensuring compliance with current laws. However, I recognize the need for change and improvement. Unlike delegates, CSL members have the power to influence and enhance existing laws. If elected, I'll have a unique position, being 100% responsible for results. Thanks to ALEBA, I'm dedicated to shaping a better legal framework that benefits both employees and employers in our sector. If elected, I'll prioritize:

  • strengthening the law
  • promoting employee well-being
  • and protecting all companies in our sector

Drawing on my understanding of the practical impact of laws, I aim to create a better work environment for us all.

My motivation relies on the support of the people; each endorsement fuels my commitment. The goal is to celebrate success together. I'm driven by the challenge of significant projects and substantial change. Looking ahead, I aim to enhance representation, foster collaboration, and ensure transparent communication in our delegation and CSL. Let's embark on this journey of big, positive change together. I'm just a vehicle to help everyone succeed together.

In both roles, my central approach is to champion a constructive negotiation style, ensuring substantial and successful outcomes through collaborative and positive engagement. I am dedicated to driving impactful change for the better.



Contact Marco on Linkedin :

Marco Gilardi | LinkedIn

How to vote :

Flyer-Comment-voter_EN.pdf (social-elections.lu) 


Trifold - ALEBA - Programme 2029 EN(comp)


CSL_Presentation_YWNWA_2023_EN.pdf (social-elections.lu)







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