Sunday, 14 July 2024
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Marianne Martin "when we prioritize people, everything else follows"

Throughout my career, I have prioritized the well-being of my colleagues. Starting as a coach, counselor and later serving as part of the employee council, I've always sought to uplift others. Participating in the CSL elections will allow me leveraging my diverse background and specific expertise which can significantly benefit our community.


In an era of burgeoning technology and Artificial Intelligence, it is more critical than ever to ensure our laws and actions prioritize the people they affect most. Additionally, inclusivity is of utmost importance to me. Our diversity is our greatest asset, and it is crucial to cultivate a respectful and inclusive environment.


Facing challenges and chances is the reality of our world, but as a representative, I promise to address these hurdles with Human at the center of every decision. Because when we prioritize people, everything else follows.

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