Sunday, 14 July 2024
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Meeting with Finance Minister Gilles Roth

An ALEBA delegation had an appointment at the Ministry of Finance on Friday 21 June to meet Minister Gilles Roth. Discussions focused on the taxation of overtime worked by German cross-border commuters. ALEBA was given the opportunity to defend its position, and the minister said he was open to discussion and thanked the delegation for the constructive exchange. He also expressed the wish that we should meet regularly to exchange ideas.

ALEBA was also able to raise the issue of the train line between Bettembourg and Luxembourg City, which will be blocked from mid-July to mid-September. To be precise, no trains will be running from Saturday 13 July until the morning of Monday 16 September! Although replacement buses will be provided as far as Luxembourg, ALEBA believes that this will not be enough and that another solution should be considered.

ALEBA was able to question the minister on the subject and asked that exceptional authorisation be given to cross-border employees to telework during this period without being penalised fiscally. The minister was concerned about the issue and took stock of the situation and will get back to ALEBA.

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