Monday, 4 December 2023
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Meeting with the Delegates of the three Credit Suisse entities in Luxembourg

Since the announcement of the takeover of UBS by Francesco Netti, Chairman of the Delegation of Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) LC, has immediately contacted ALEBA to ask for its help.


On Thursday 20th April, ALEBA has met the Delegates from the three entities in Luxembourg, namely Credit Suisse Fund Services (Luxembourg) LC, Credit Suisse Fund Management LC, and Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) LC, to advise and prepare them to the different scenarios that they could face during the next months.


Although the Delegates do not yet have any information from the Luxembourg-based management, it is important for ALEBA that the delegations are informed in advance of their rights and prepared for all eventualities that affect the staff.


“We are closely following the evolution of the situation with the Delegates and are ready to intervene if needed. Our common mission will be to preserve and defend at the maximum the employment and the employees’ interests” ensures Roberto Mendolia, ALEBA's President.

It was agreed that ALEBA and its Delegates will keep in touch on a regular and recurring basis.

ALEBA and its Delegates are at the disposal of all employees to answer their questions.


Do not hesitate to contact us at: coordination@aleba.lu

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