Saturday, 24 February 2024
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Official handover of the ALEBA archives by Pierre BACK

Pierre Back did us the honor of entrusting us with some historical treasures: the first neutral ALEBA CLAs, our founding statutes and one of the last editions of the ALEBA RAPPORT.

Exploring these archives has been a captivating journey through time, bearing witness to the evolution and successes of our union. These precious documents are the roots of our ongoing commitment to workers' rights.

Thank you to Pierre Back for this symbolic gesture, which reinforces our attachment to our heritage and inspires us for the future. Inès BENALDJIA and Benjamin are infinitely grateful to Pierre for his trust and the precious time shared together.

Our thanks also go to Roberto Mendolia, the first president to choose to make the club free for under-30s. A powerful gesture, motivated by the need to pass on the fight and encourage the active participation of younger generations! It's the symbol of a commitment that lives on!

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