Monday, 4 December 2023
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Roger Cayzelle – “No, Luxembourg does not kill French employment.”

ALEBA’s border commission has met Roger Cayzelle, former teacher, former President of Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Lorraine and currently President of the Great Region institute (a cross-border network regrouping members from Wallonia, Luxembourg, Sarre, Rhineland-Palatinate and Lorraine.


Roger Cayzelle is also President of the radio RCF57 and hosts numerous think thank with the local, regional and national policymakers. He has a deep knowledge of former and current cross-border issues. That’s why Jean-Philippe MANSARD and Inès BENALDJIA wished to meet him: to resolve efficiently and durably cross-border issues, we must understand the historicity of these deep and complex causes.

Luxembourg maintains a close economic relationship with France as a trading partner and as an employer of many French border workers. While this may raise concerns about the impact of Luxembourg on French employment, it is important to note that bilateral economic relationship between the two countries is complex and that there are advantages and disadvantages for each side.

Some fear that the attraction of Luxembourg for French workers will result in a loss of jobs in France.

However, economists are suggesting that the effects of the migration of border workers are mixed, and it is difficult to quantify the exact impact on employment in France:

“Luxembourg is very attractive and absorbs some jobs, but this phenomenon can be seen everywhere: border is often poorer than the center, it is absurd to think that Luxembourg kills Lorraine’s employment.”

It is also important to note that the two countries are starting to understand the necessity of working together to facilitate the mobility of border workers and to reinforce bilateral economic cooperation, which can benefit the entire cross-border region:

“It is wrong to think that there is no favorable outcome for both sides of the border.”

In the end, it is essential to find a balance between the economic advantages of cross-border mobility and the protection of local employment:

“There is no denying that most of the employment in Lorraine were mainly in the steel industry. Thinking that a transfer from Luxembourg to France is possible is wrong. We must focus on the development of our abilities to not let those who don’t go to Luxembourg, Paris or Nantes aside.”

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