Sunday, 14 July 2024
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Social plan signed at Bank of New York Mellon

On 29 May 2024, ALEBA, LCGB and OGBL signed a redundancy plan at Bank of New York Mellon, which announced the loss of up to 36 jobs as a result of the outsourcing of certain services within the bank.

With the aim of preserving as many jobs as possible within BNYM, while at the same time offering attractive severance packages to the 36 employees affected by the loss of their jobs, the unions succeeded in obtaining social support measures and extra-legal compensation for the employees concerned, including:

  • the payment of a social bonus ;
  • the payment of extra-legal compensation;
  • the implementation of an outplacement and/or training budget.

Unanimously, however, ALEBA, LCGB and OGBL regret that once again employees have had to pay the price for companies' unrestrained pursuit of profit.


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