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why does ALEBA offer free admission to under-30s?

As a Luxembourg trade union dedicated to all workers, we are committed to making our representation accessible to everyone. That's why we're proud to announce that ALEBA is the only union to offer free membership to young workers under the age of 30. Our strong belief in protecting and supporting young people has led us to take concrete steps to demonstrate our sincerity and commitment to this crucial age group.


This bold step is in line with our desire to make a significant impact on young people, because we firmly believe that this is the way to truly influence change. By investing in young people, we are helping to shape a better future, because we understand that young people are the drivers of social and economic transformation.


As an active member of UNI YOUTH, an international organization focused on young people in the wider region and beyond, our commitment goes beyond national borders and demonstrates our genuine concern for young workers on a global scale. This reflects our deep conviction that youth-related issues know no borders and require a collective response.


At ALEBA, our commitment to young people goes beyond free membership. We are also committed to supporting them throughout their professional careers. We firmly believe in the need to pass on our knowledge, as the union's mission is a century-old responsibility to be shared and passed on to future generations. Without this investment in the transmission of knowledge and values, trade unionism would lose its meaning, dooming itself to a damaging and dangerous demise for workers and democracy!


What ALEBA wants to offer young people :

  • free legal advice to analyze your employment contract and payslip, and protect you against any potential excesses
  • the tools you need to understand and defend your rights
  • a physical meeting place within ALEBA, and meetings (after works, workshops, soccer tournament and many other events πŸ˜‰)
  • the support of a century-old union as your voice!


ALEBA is at the forefront of the struggle to create a future that meets the evolving needs of workers, as distinct from those of yesterday. We represent workers who refuse to make concessions between their private and professional lives, and we aspire to a future characterized by healthy management and fair, respectful relations with employers.

Importantly, we are also politically independent. Our commitment to all workers, without distinction, reflects our belief in a diversity of voices!


But these changes, which we all aspire to see, won't happen by themselves; they require coordinated action.


We invite all young working people to join us in this common quest for a more just and equitable future!





why does ALEBA offer free admission to under-30s?

On March 21, 2023, ALEBA decided to offer free travel to young working people under the age of 30.

This initiative stems from our sincere commitment to supporting young people, particularly at a crucial and often vulnerable stage in their lives. It's essential to emphasize that this is neither a new nor an opportunistic move, but rather the reflection of a long history of dedication to the concerns of young workers.

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